1-1 WELCOME TO NEURO SUMMUM Please enter and take all that your brain can absorb! 1-1 NEURO Pertaining to the nervous system NS-bannière SUMMUM The highest level or degree attainable, the highest stage of development
About Neuro Summum
Passion for the brain, the mind and well-being

With Neuro Summum, I offer you tools coming from my years of experience in neurology, sleep medicine, EEG and neurofeedback to be at your best and increase your well-being.

Marc Therrien

Profound understanding

Tools developed from scientific knowledge, experience and vision.

Accessible tools
To put into your hands powerful and simple means to improve your brain.
Super brains of the future
QEEG, Neurofeedback, Brain computer/machine interface (BCI, BMI), Artificial intelligence (AI). We are already there.
Neuroperformance tools
Years of training, experience, reflexion, collaboration and work to offer you new means for a better brain and being at your best.

Mobile application to discover and improve your sleep-wake rhythm.


Learn to train and reorganize your brain networks.

MT Sleep Project

Unique research project and its dataset leading to a better understanding of sleep-wake rhythms.

Leader and team
I founded Neuro Summum and will continue to build it with the help of many incredible people. A huge thank you to my family, friends, colleagues, partners, patients, clients and all those who take to heart Neuro Summum’s mission to optimize the human brain and mind for the well-being of every individual and of humanity.

Marc Therrien